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About Dave Wilkes


Years after Dave saw a stretched limousine drive past him one night and said to himself I‘m going to get one of those one day
And 3 years later the dream had come true,
owning his own limo company for 6 years.

Then Just Divine Poems was born
Dave is a specialist in creating bespoke unique
Personalised and Inspirational poetry,
to inspire people of all ages and all cultures.

He writes for every occasion Birthdays, Weddings
Christenings, Anniversaries, Funerals and
New Born babies to name but a few.

Dave also writers mission statements in a unique
poem style for people’s companies
for reception areas or offices.

Dave’s recent memorable pieces he has written
have been for the King Ooni of Ife,
the massive leader of the great Yoruba tribe
in Nigeria this was written for the king and performed for him during his UK visit in December 2017.

This astronomical writer has written inspiring pieces
where the recipients had deeply considered many times of committing, suicide and the healing poems has shown the individuals
light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the last 2 years thoughts of a genius way of effectively touching people’s hearts is by ministering and performing his work to audiences, guests and congregations globally.

This creativity takes a lot of preparation to perform a bespoke written piece for someone’s Wedding day, Birthday or when Dave is booked to perform for Youth, Men’s or Women’s organisations, he also loves doing effective poetry workshops in schools, prison’s etc.

Mr Wilkes many times explains the depth of his work
and the blessed words have been developed from within, due to
beingconnect to a powerful Birmingham UK church
Called WORIC church who’s senior Pastor is Pastor Sam
one of Dave’s leading mentors.

Dave often talks about a process of prayer that
is used before writing any poem piece on any device.
When starting a new document with Microsoft word,
a similar in depth prayer always takes place on
the blank document, so every piece is blessed.

Many different things inspire Dave he’ll tell you his
Daughter Jaydei is, a massive influence, to what he’s been called to do with the breath taking concept of Just Divine Poem Services.

The name Just Divine comes from his Daughters name Jaydei (JD)
a name very close to his heart.

The years ahead the vision and mind set Dave has
is at the highest level it has ever been and he feels by collaborating with similar likeminded people, there’s a great future ahead for many.